Its the Holiday Season!!!

This weekend was a very busy weekend in the Turner/Uecker household. We started out the weekend with some slightly good slightly disappointing news. Ed's schedule changed for the week due to maintenance at the store. So this is the first week since we moved into that house that I will get to spend the majority of the week with him in the bed next to me, instead of spending the majority of nights by myself. I think he kind of enjoyed working the day shift yesterday. Now he doesn't feel like his entire day off today is wasted. I'm trying to convince him to switch to days. We'll see how that goes.

For some reason everyone is really dragging today. I'm blaming it on the air again. Walk into the building, fall asleep. That's productive.

On the bright side, I completed most of my Christmas shopping. I would love to be able to get Edward a little more, but financially that doesn't look like an option. He is offering to give me money, but I don't see how that's fun. That would be like me saying "Here, I'm going to pay you to get me presents" No fun.

The countdown is on!! 11 Days to my birthday, 16 days til Christmas!

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