It's the Holiday Season!

We have started to receive cards at work. I love Christmas cards. I enjoy getting a good variety of them too. You have to have the inspirational ones, the funny ones, and all of the sincere ones in order to make it truly feel like Christmas. With the impending weather of doom, it just makes it feel more like Christmas too. I would LOVE winter if it weren't for the horrible road conditions. If we could just have heated roads. ODOT, get on that, ASAP.

I finished up Ed's Christmas shopping over the weekend. Spent more money than we should have. He is still spending. We are still supposed to do something for each of our grandparents, not to mention the gift cards. Oh my.

Today was a long day at work. I spent the entire day fixing one person's account. Repetitive, boring, and above all insane. Crazy VP's and CFO's. Grr.

Tonight I'm going home, doing some laundry, and either baking cookies or cooking a nice meal. Its been a while since I have had a nice, hearty meal. We have the stuff for it, just never the time. That may be my mission tonight. We will see how that turns out. That's it for me!

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Ericka said...

Booooo VP's and CFO's! Do you remember in training when they tell you there are no VP's? Right. Liar's. I'll get you the Twilight book if you want it but it's got wrinkles and food stains :) I like to read in the tub, when I'm eating and pretty much 24/7.