Coughy McCougherson go HOME!!!

DON'T COME TO WORK IF YOU ARE SICK! End of discussion. Because you were sick, 4 other people are going to be sick. Grrrr....

Moving on...my poor friend and her boyfriend ended their year long relationship out of nowhere. She is totally torn up about it. She didn't even see it coming. He is having some family crisis and he cant even explain it to her. That's a real gentleman right there. Break somebody's heart and not tell them why. Jerk. I've decided I need to take a trip to see her. Its long overdue for a road trip to C-bus. Soon friend, very soon.

I guess I need to go work on the crummy DWR. Boo for other customers on Thursday! Hope everyone else's Thursday was a million times better than mine.

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Ericka said...

Hahahaha I'm glad I don't sit in your area! I can hear her from my desk though. Yuck!