I Tried to be Chill, but You're so Hot that I Melted

Summer is in full swing! There has been a lot going on at the Turner/Uecker residence.

Edward finally got tired of working 10 hour days, and revoked his waiver. He will now be working 5 days a week. Not sure what days he will have off yet, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and pray that we get at least a day a week together. We shall see.

I took a personal day on Tuesday and got a lot of errands finished. We re-registered for our pots and pans (since the ones I picked out were discontinued, just my luck.) We picked out our tuxedos, and the boys will look quite strapping if I do say so myself! We played a little miniature golf (I let Edders win, of course) and then watched the Proposal (EXCELLENT movie)

As I said, busy busy busy! We still don't have the dress deal straightened out. Latest saga is that I got ahold of the seamstress Erin told me to go to in order to have the alterations paid by her, who proceeded to tell me how little time I'm actually giving her to do the major alteration needed. She then stated she had to check on something, and then she would call me back. That was on Saturday. Today is Thursday, no call. I left messages for her Monday, Tuesday, and yesterday, and called Erin yesterday as well. Still nothing. I'm getting a little peeved at all of this. I mean, we wouldn't be "short on time" if Erin would have ordered the dress I originally wanted in a timely manor! I mean, come on, 10 months for a dress?! Seriously.

Moving on. I guess there is nothing else to move on to! That's the best update I can give right now. There are calls to answer, and claims to be paid!!!


Grandmas really are the best ever...

I love my grandma. She is the best. She is always there to help, even when she knows its going to make her exhausted. For example, my entire wedding.

Grandma is getting up there in age. She has fought more illness than anyone else I know. She almost died on the operating table. Twice. She is a survivor of breast cancer, thyroid cancer, do I need to go on? I think not. She is strong. And Im lucky enough to have her on my side. Life is amazing :-)

Last night, my mother and I stopped by good ol' granny's house to talk about some serious issues I am having with my wedding gown. Those who know me well know that I freak out over the smallest things. If Im having what I think is a big problem, you better stay clear. Well, the place I went to get my dress ordered the wrong dress. Its a beautiful dress, and I actually got a much better deal seeing as how this dress is normally $1200. Great bargain, right? The issue is that it doesnt fit. The dress I wanted was a lace up back, this one is a zipper. Store cant take it back, Im stuck with the dress. What to do, what to do? Take it to granny. My grandma looked at the dress, looked at the extra material I had (thank goodness for matching shaws that come free!) and showed me how amazing my dress is going to look once we put a lace up back. So we are going to get the dress fixed. And I will look as amazing as is possible for a person such as myself. Grandma is amazing. She calmed the storm.

Yet another reason my grandmother is amazing. She did all of my flowers. I purchased silk flowers, she disassembled them, and rearranged them into the most beautiful bridal bouquet/bridesmaid bouquet/bouttaniers/coursages I have ever seen. Ever. Last night while we were talking, she said "Oh, I have a surprise for you!" We go downstairs, and she has a HUGE arrangement sitting on her table. She tells me, "I know you werent going to do any flowers in the church, but you have to have flowers in there!" This is the same arrangement that sat at the front of the church for my cousin's wedding last year. She was trying to sell it in a yardsale (which is totally NOT ok by me. Our Grandma made it, how many people have something in their house that was made by a person so close? Not many.) Grandma bought the arrangement she made just under a year ago back, and took it home for me to use in my wedding! We are going to take out the few pink flowers that are thrown in and replace them with some fall colors, and it will be brand new! I cant believe Amber was just going to get rid of them. Crazy. I dont think I could ever do that. Maybe Im just too sensitive.

And the final reason grandma rocks!

She gave me 10 bulbs for the most amazing flower ever. The Peruvian Daffodil. Gorgeous flower, but very delicate. She told me its about time for me to start my own flower garden. I may have to do that!

Talking with my grandma last night made me realize how lucky I am. I may have tons of things that arent going my way, but thats what life is about. I have the same blood running thru me that is in this amazing woman. Surely I can handle these small things if she can handle the big ones. Thanks grandma!!