It's the Holiday Season!

We have started to receive cards at work. I love Christmas cards. I enjoy getting a good variety of them too. You have to have the inspirational ones, the funny ones, and all of the sincere ones in order to make it truly feel like Christmas. With the impending weather of doom, it just makes it feel more like Christmas too. I would LOVE winter if it weren't for the horrible road conditions. If we could just have heated roads. ODOT, get on that, ASAP.

I finished up Ed's Christmas shopping over the weekend. Spent more money than we should have. He is still spending. We are still supposed to do something for each of our grandparents, not to mention the gift cards. Oh my.

Today was a long day at work. I spent the entire day fixing one person's account. Repetitive, boring, and above all insane. Crazy VP's and CFO's. Grr.

Tonight I'm going home, doing some laundry, and either baking cookies or cooking a nice meal. Its been a while since I have had a nice, hearty meal. We have the stuff for it, just never the time. That may be my mission tonight. We will see how that turns out. That's it for me!


Coughy McCougherson go HOME!!!

DON'T COME TO WORK IF YOU ARE SICK! End of discussion. Because you were sick, 4 other people are going to be sick. Grrrr....

Moving on...my poor friend and her boyfriend ended their year long relationship out of nowhere. She is totally torn up about it. She didn't even see it coming. He is having some family crisis and he cant even explain it to her. That's a real gentleman right there. Break somebody's heart and not tell them why. Jerk. I've decided I need to take a trip to see her. Its long overdue for a road trip to C-bus. Soon friend, very soon.

I guess I need to go work on the crummy DWR. Boo for other customers on Thursday! Hope everyone else's Thursday was a million times better than mine.


The Onion Rings, the Phone Makes Me Cry

I was reminded of a very important lesson over the past two days. Once a problem, always a problem.

Some people are so manipulative that they can convince you that you are wrong in a situation, regardless of whether or not its their fault. For example, I have this "Friend" that insists that I am the bad friend because she is not going to be standing front and center at my wedding. This isn't the first time that she has had issues with not being the center of attention. Quite honestly, she should be happy she was even invited. This reminds me of times in high school and college.

This particular person was the baby of her family. Always in the spotlight. In high school, she couldn't stand the fact that I was better than her in choir. I would sing the tenor part because I could hear the harmony, and she would try (unsuccessfully) to tell the choir teacher that it was actually her that was doing the part. Childish. Not to mention the fact that there was this guy that I really REALLY liked in high school. As soon as she found out about it, they were flirting like crazy. Uh, rude.

In college, I started dancing. Now, she has a lot better figure than me, and I will be the first one to let her know. She is the one that got me started dancing. I started to get really focused and dedicated. I was actually starting to get better than her. What did she do? She played the weight card. "Ashley I know that you love this, but do you think you are actually going to be able to get to a higher level at your weight? And you obviously aren't losing any. Maybe you should just quit." Uh, RUDE!

So I came to the amazing realization that if a "friend" makes you feel like crap, they aren't a person who deserves to be in your life. It sucks realizing this, but she is like a vampire. She sucks the life out of you. The only way she feels good about herself is by slamming others, and killing everything about them. Many people have tried to tell me this, and for some reason I was never able to grasp it. Its a shame. I could have been a much happier person.

Thats about it. Official countdown: 9 days til my birthday, 14 days to Christmas!!!


Its the Holiday Season!!!

This weekend was a very busy weekend in the Turner/Uecker household. We started out the weekend with some slightly good slightly disappointing news. Ed's schedule changed for the week due to maintenance at the store. So this is the first week since we moved into that house that I will get to spend the majority of the week with him in the bed next to me, instead of spending the majority of nights by myself. I think he kind of enjoyed working the day shift yesterday. Now he doesn't feel like his entire day off today is wasted. I'm trying to convince him to switch to days. We'll see how that goes.

For some reason everyone is really dragging today. I'm blaming it on the air again. Walk into the building, fall asleep. That's productive.

On the bright side, I completed most of my Christmas shopping. I would love to be able to get Edward a little more, but financially that doesn't look like an option. He is offering to give me money, but I don't see how that's fun. That would be like me saying "Here, I'm going to pay you to get me presents" No fun.

The countdown is on!! 11 Days to my birthday, 16 days til Christmas!


Allow me to Exaggerate a Memory or Two...

What a day today has been. I have been slowly doing my section of DWR trying to make it last the day. It made it until 3:30pm. Not too shabby.

People at work have this new fascination for sending me forwards. While I enjoy getting the nice ones about friendship and such, there are some people who need to chill. I get one from some people every ten minutes. Now dont get me wrong, I dont work 100% of the time, but how can you get any work at all done when you are sending messages like that that often? Yeah, you cant.

We have been trying to figure out a little bit more about the wedding. I have been toying with the idea of having it catered. I just have to figure out how much of a price difference it is going to be. I cant afford thousands of dollars on food. I will have to keep checking and comparing caterers and the cost of doing it myself.

We are going to have a big weekend this weekend. Tomorrow I am going to Milford High School's craft show, and then Edward and I are going to finish all of our Christmas shopping, with the exception of each other. Then on Sunday, we are supposed to be going to a family reunion type thing in New Richmond. I feel that family reunions are better off in the summer, when there are no holidays around that you are going to see the same exact people in two weeks for. Just my thought.

That's about all for me! Have a great weekend.


Cough Drops and Hand Sanitizer

Its that time of the year. People are getting their colds, sneezing and coughing all over their hands...not washing them afterwards. Gross.

I feel that UMR would be a much better environment if we had windows that would open. I mean, come on. This building hasn't been aired out once in the how ever many years it has been in existence. No wonder people are constantly getting headaches and colds. You would think they would want their employees in a location that would keep you healthy. Healthy employees=Happy employees. Happy employees are also people who aren't on overload from the amount of work given to them. But that's a totally different story.

It seriously amazes me the amount of people that don't wash their hands in this office! I feel like I need a personal washing station at my desk. Everything I touch is filled with ickyness. People don't wash their hands as they are coming out of the bathroom. That's right. Use the bathroom, the most germ filled place in the building, wipe yourself, and then walk out the door, forcing everyone else in the building to be in your yuckiness. I feel like a 3 year old with all the Ickyness words I'm using.

I suppose I'm finished ranting about germs and uncleanliness. I have to get back so I can take the wonderful calls from 5-7!

How Its Been So Long, Im so Sorry I've Been Gone!

So, its been a while, a LONG while since I have posted here. I figured I could get it back and running. A lot has changed since I last blogged under this account.

I now work at UMR, and apparently have nothing better to do with my time, so I will start blogging. Im planning a wedding to an AMAZING man. He officially proposed on 11-29-2008. We will be getting married in the afternoon on 10-31-08.

We also just moved into a new house. We now live in Amelia, OH. It is a two story house, 3 bedrooms, and is perfect for us!

Thats about all I have for now. Per a friend's request, I suppose I will continue to update this blog, and hopefully get it back to the point where people actually read it again. Until next time. :-)