Its been a while...

Wow. How long has it been since I've posted? I don't have anybody at work anymore to keep me on task with the blog world.

Wedding planning is coming along smoothly. We are still searching for a caterer, and have to get some random odds and ends. I have to finish paying everything off, and plan the little stuff. Its slowly but surely getting closer. I'm at just a little over seven months right now! I feel like Edward is starting to get more involved in everything too. I mean, he helped me pick out the cake topper a couple of weeks ago! I'm already pretty stoked about everything, but knowing that he wants to be involved just makes everything so much better.

Random side note: I get my braces off in 16 days, and counting.

On the other side of life, work is getting more and more stressful by the day. Honestly, I don't even know how some of my coworkers can handle it! Certain people here just get everything thrown on top of them. Not to mention the fact that other people, who don't have nearly as many responsibilities, screw everything up. I mean, come on, how hard is it to look at a claim before you pay it?!

While watching the news recently, Ive realized how scary this world truly is getting. People killing, disappearing, rode raged drivers that attack teenagers for driving too slowly (I for one am proud of that teen for not speeding like the majority of the people do). I mean, when will the insanity end? I'm afraid to drive a lot of places anymore. There are so many crazy people out there, if you don't watch out you could be a victim. I know you cant live your life in fear, but this is ridiculous.

Well, I wish I had some great words of wisdom to leave to the people who don't read this site, but alas, I will leave with no witty sign off. Thanks for reading and I look forward to posting again sometime in the not so distant future.