Counting Down the Days

I am officially in wedding planning mode. Sorry if I talk about it too much, but its less than 10 months away! I was looking at a common timeline of events yesterday. I thought I was so far ahead, and then I start looking at that and think "Holy crap, there is so much I hadnt thought about yet!" Bridal show at the end of this month. Im looking forward to that.

Tomorrow is our two year anniversary. I dont have any idea what I am going to do for him. He spoils me like none other, and honestly I have no idea how he does it!

On another note, I work the late shift today. When I left my house this morning, the roads were dry for the most part. I left the Orthodontist, it was just starting to snow. I look out the window now, and am about to burst into tears because the snow is everywhere. Stupid late shift.


Wouldn't it be nice if....

Wouldn't it be nice if:

*everyone had to work at the same degree of difficulty in order to get ahead.

*Parents didn't treat their children like princesses all the time and give them EVERYTHING they want, regardless of the cost. There is a difference between being spoiled and appreciating it, and being spoiled and wanting more all the time. Stupid people.

*Money grew on trees. Oh How I would be in heaven. And yet, some people would still not have enough. Its never enough, apparently.

*Everyone was pleasant on the phone. I understand that you have had a rough time too, but think about the fact that the person on the other end of the phone is a human being. Calling them names and cursing at them isn't going to solve anything any faster. Calm down before you call me. Thanks.

*People got what the deserved. I hate seeing good people, who help everybody they can, always getting screwed. Then on the other hand, you have greedy, lying, back stabbing people who will hurt anybody they can just to get ahead who get all of the bonuses. What the heck? How does that work out?

Now, I understand that patience is a virtue, and eventually you will be rewarded in a far better way than I can possibly imagine, but what about right now, right here? There are some people who may have not been ready to start a family, but things happen, and that was the best thing to ever happen to them (EVEN if it does mean tightening down on the budget). And then there are people who have a baby, and instead of making things work with what you have, you quit your job, you go to school, you don't change your lifestyle. That's healthy. Babies are supposed to make you grow up. Pretty sure that is the opposite of what people like that are doing. And lastly, you have great people, who would love nothing more than to have a family. They cant. They spend tons and tons of money to try everything in the book to start a family, and nothing works. Then you have people getting pregnant just to get the tax credit, or even worse, getting pregnant and having an abortion. Why do things work out like this?

Sorry about the venting, there are a lot of things bugging me right now. This is just a fraction. So here is to the world flipping, and for people soon getting what they truly TRULY deserve.