Today was AWESOME...I have a few things I really REALLY want to remember about today, so I am going to do a list type thing.

1. A certain somebody was eyeing me up, at least thats what Jaci says. I can only hope.
2. It is a lot of fun to dance with new people, but dancing with people that know your abilities is so much more fun.
3. Not all things are as they seem. Just because a guy acts gay and tells you he is going to a gay bar with a close female friend of his, it does NOT mean he is gay. There is always a HUGE possibility that she is a lesbian, and he is only going for Moral support.
4. When your teacher is the photographer nad your name is caled to receive your award, rather than handing the camera off to somebody else, you should definitely pull a "Im going to take a picture of us myself. Now smile, and click!" Those are the times that you share that make your life fun.

Ok, the most important thing that I learned today is that if a friend tells you to talk to a great guy because you have a better relationship wiht him than anyone else there, talk to him. He wouldnt tell you the things that he does unless you are truly a friend, and maybe something more. Sometimes, your friends are right...believe them when they say "Its his loss if he doesnt like you. If he turns you down, he is crazy."

On that note,
Goodbye and Goodnight.


"I Just Dont Know What to do With Myself"

Ok, so as the title suggests, life is going crazy. I am not able to talk to the people I want to talk to, and forced to talk to the people I dont want to. Why must everything be flip flopped?