Counting Down the Days

I am officially in wedding planning mode. Sorry if I talk about it too much, but its less than 10 months away! I was looking at a common timeline of events yesterday. I thought I was so far ahead, and then I start looking at that and think "Holy crap, there is so much I hadnt thought about yet!" Bridal show at the end of this month. Im looking forward to that.

Tomorrow is our two year anniversary. I dont have any idea what I am going to do for him. He spoils me like none other, and honestly I have no idea how he does it!

On another note, I work the late shift today. When I left my house this morning, the roads were dry for the most part. I left the Orthodontist, it was just starting to snow. I look out the window now, and am about to burst into tears because the snow is everywhere. Stupid late shift.

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