The Onion Rings, the Phone Makes Me Cry

I was reminded of a very important lesson over the past two days. Once a problem, always a problem.

Some people are so manipulative that they can convince you that you are wrong in a situation, regardless of whether or not its their fault. For example, I have this "Friend" that insists that I am the bad friend because she is not going to be standing front and center at my wedding. This isn't the first time that she has had issues with not being the center of attention. Quite honestly, she should be happy she was even invited. This reminds me of times in high school and college.

This particular person was the baby of her family. Always in the spotlight. In high school, she couldn't stand the fact that I was better than her in choir. I would sing the tenor part because I could hear the harmony, and she would try (unsuccessfully) to tell the choir teacher that it was actually her that was doing the part. Childish. Not to mention the fact that there was this guy that I really REALLY liked in high school. As soon as she found out about it, they were flirting like crazy. Uh, rude.

In college, I started dancing. Now, she has a lot better figure than me, and I will be the first one to let her know. She is the one that got me started dancing. I started to get really focused and dedicated. I was actually starting to get better than her. What did she do? She played the weight card. "Ashley I know that you love this, but do you think you are actually going to be able to get to a higher level at your weight? And you obviously aren't losing any. Maybe you should just quit." Uh, RUDE!

So I came to the amazing realization that if a "friend" makes you feel like crap, they aren't a person who deserves to be in your life. It sucks realizing this, but she is like a vampire. She sucks the life out of you. The only way she feels good about herself is by slamming others, and killing everything about them. Many people have tried to tell me this, and for some reason I was never able to grasp it. Its a shame. I could have been a much happier person.

Thats about it. Official countdown: 9 days til my birthday, 14 days to Christmas!!!

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Ericka said...

Vampire is too nice of a word for her! :) I'm glad you can see that people who make you feel like that are NOT your friend, they never were. If you have any questions about that you can ask me, Ed, Jaci... your mom....my mom :) You get the idea. The plus side of this is that you are getting farther and farther into the wedding planning. Exciting!