They All Fall Down

Yesterday was Valentines Day. It was once again another day to remind those single people out there that they are pointless and have no place on the earth. Thank you for that lovely reminder. I don't know about you, but because I am single, I feel like I go through enough. Why do I need to be reminded about how unpopular I am with men by having yet another holiday that praises the one you love. Grant it, I said Happy Valentines Day more than once today, but not to a person that I truly love in a romantic way. Sorry, that was a long rant. I just hate being told how unsuccessful I am at life. Moving on.

Just a word for the wise, if you dont want to be involved with something, dont say you will do it or want to do it. Dont sit there and say that you would love to be out of a certain category, but then complain when they take you up on it. That really pisses me off. You claim you arent going to be successful because you dont push yourself hard enough, and then you praise the life that you live. I know the person I am talking about will never read this because I have lost all trust in her, maybe I will post this on my xanga too.

Oh yeah, and don't lie about your job in front of your friends to make it seem like you are more successful than they are. And if you do insist on lying, please make sure you remember what lie you told, that way later, when you start telling your mommy the story with your friends right beside you, the story you are telling her doesnt conflict with the story you already told.

I am ranting a lot tonight. I had a somewhat good day, but parts of it were horrible, Thanks for reading my faithful ones. Untill the next time, Goodbye and goodnight.

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