Look at Me, Im Sexy

Tonight was so AWESOME!!! I went to Arthur Murray for dance stuff. We were working on the Argentine Tango Routine tonight, and everything about it was a blast. I dance with Eric, my teacher, for the routine. We were goofing off the entire night. He said and did a lot of stuff that was completely adorable and sexy. Things like telling me to look at him and not everyone else, all my attention needs to be on him because he is sexy. He also did some really weird stuff. The most outrageous was when he grabbed his crotch right in front of me, looked at me, smiled, and said don' ask. It was really funny. He is very supportive.

Tomorrow I am going to lunch with Jaci after my music class, then to math. After that, I am going back to the dorm and waiting for a call from Jess and then its off to the studio for a night of dancing. If you need me, call the cell or leave some love here. Love you guys!!

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Sarah Christine said...

whee, sounds like you're having fun, i'm glad.