Feel Special

Ok, so if you are reading this, you shoudl feel really special because I care about you enough to tell you what is going on in my head. Xanga will still be updated, but more about the actual things I do in life. This is going to be a more personal blog. Once again, if you are reading this, I like you enough and care about you enough to tell you my innermost thoughts and feelings.

So, I dont know why I decided to do this. I have never been really huge on blogging, but I am really bored right now and I figured hey, why not. So, here I am. Im sorry if it takes a while for me to figure out some of the technical stuff, but if I get stuck, I have a Travis there to help me with it. As for now, Im gonna go play around with this. Im sure there will be another entry after dance tonight. Dance is where everything goes down. So much Drama and fun...its addicting. LATER!

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