Working Until 7 is the Pits :-(

What more is there to say?! I have been sitting here trying to work, but its hot in here, its raining outside, and that combination just make me want to sleep!

10-7 again tomorrow too. At least Im with Liz for that one :-)

I have decided that we are going to do some yard work and go on a date this weekend. Im pretty excited about the beautification process of the house. Its fun for Edward and I to pick out the items we want to plant, and its fun to watch them grow. Im not excited about mowing the yard. Not fun at all! We need to get some dandelion killer. They have officially taken over our front lawn! We mowed it on Saturday, and by Sunday evening you couldnt even tell that we had touched it! Crazy.

Im thinking Im going to keep this one short and sweet. After all, I should be working hard!

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