Closer and Closer

Our wedding is creeping closer and closer to us. Today I put the deposit on the cabin we are going to be staying in. This is exciting! Its really happening.

I had my hair done today. I dyed it again (since I'm not cutting it, I figure color is a good change). The owner of the salon was there, and we started talking. She asked me who was doing my hair, and I told her somebody at the salon I was at. She asked who specifically, and I said whoever did the best job. I didn't think much of it at first, so I just kinda let it go. Well, she was getting her pedicure done while the dye was taking over my hair, and she looked up at me and said, "For your wedding you have to have the best. Here is what you should do. Bring me a picture of your dress, the veil, and a collage of the styles you like, and I will do your hair for you at no extra cost"

What?!!!?!??! The owner is going to do my hair? The only people's hair I've ever seen her working on are the rich Indian Hill people who require complete attention, and pay big bucks to have Cara do their hair. And I'm going to get her or my wedding day at no...extra...cost. My lucky day :-)

So that's where I am right now. Its starting to get late, and I'm pretty tired, so its off to bed for me. Hoping tomorrow continues this streak of luck! Well wishes to all!

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