Nothing Ever Goes as Planned

Today was a lunch that was filled with calls. I called the dress shop, Still no answer. I called the BBB, you will have to leave a message. I called the Ex-DJ, once again, leave a message.

Im about tired of all of this. Why cant things just go as planned? I dont understand. I hope this is just all of the kinks getting worked out early, and everything closer to the wedding will be better. Smooth sailing. Lets keep our fingers crossed that things go according to planned. No, lets hope they go better than planned.

I still have so much to do. And once again, by the end of this week, we will be under 100 days. Wow. Thats amazing to even say. Guys have to be fitted for tuxedos in the next two weeks, we are in the talks of a wedding shower, and everything is slowly creeping up. I have never been this excited, anxious, and scared all at the same time, but it sure is an amazing feeling.

Other than that, nothing really too new going on. Spent the most amazing weekend with Jaci. We did a whole lot of nothing, but sometimes those are the best days. Well, I gotta get back to work! Stay happy everyone!

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